Companies associated with MicroDrivE

Medipharm provides bacterial solutions for both the agricultural and food industries.


Contact: Lennart Persson, Managing director




Syngenta Seeds AB is a part of the international company Syngenta, an agribusiness committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. The company works with crop protection and seed improvement, in particular sugar beets.


Contact: Mats Levall, Head of Physiology Research








Tekniska Verken is a regional utility company based in Linköping, Sweden, with energy and environment as the cornerstones for business. Teknisk Verken is the biggest producer of biogas in Europe and is a world-leader in incineration of waste.  



Contact: Anna Lövsén, Development Engineer 






The Yeast Company (jästbolaget S.V) has since 1893 produced and delivered yeast for baking in Swedish homes and bakeries.


Contact: Jonas Rejholt, Development Engineer







Chematur Engineering AB is the parent company of the Chematur Engineering Group, a group of engineering companies in Sweden, USA, Finland and India. Chemature Engineering started its activities in the early 1930's and is today a vesatile engineering company, equipped with state of the art design systems.


Contact: Lars Stenmark, Development Director






Cambi is a leading porvider of technology to convert biodegradable material to renewable energy. Cambi provides bio-waste plants, focused on maximising biogas production and minimising final product mass. The company was founded in 1992 by Glommen Skogeierforening. The main owners since 2002 are Pertol AS, PEBA AS and Mallin Venture AS, in addition to employees.



Contact: Paal Jahre Nilsen, R&D Manager

+47 9929 1277,