Staff in the MicroDrivE program


Some of the reserachers in the MicroDrivE program

Programe Coordinator      
Johan Schnürer Professor Microbiology 018-673215
Ethanol process      
Volkmar Passoth  Researcher Microbiology 018-673380
Johanna Blomqvist PhD-student Microbiology 018-673222
Biogas process      
Anna Schnürer Researcher Microbiology 018-673288

Lotta Léven

Researcher Microbiology 018-673213
Maria Karlsson PhD-student Microbiology 018-673216

Kajsa Johansson




Bettina Blütschke

Post Doc




Green co-products

Bengt Guss Professor Microbiology 018-673205
Sebastian Håkansson Researcher Microbiology 018-673204
Hans Jonsson Lecturer Microbiology 018-673214
Thomas Eberhard Researcher Microbiology 018-673220
Matilda Olstorpe Researcher Microbiology 018-673213
Quality of biomanure      
Mikael Pell Researcher  Microbiology 018-673225
Jamal Abubaker PhD-student Microbiology  018-673216
Energy-efficient storage      
Karin Jacobsson Researcher Microbiology 018-673255
Cecilia Petrén Research Engineer Microbiology 018-673211
Matilda Olstorpe Researcher Microbiology  018-673213
Enzymatic pretreatment      
Jerry Stålberg  Researcher Molecular Biology 018-4714590
Mats Sandgren Researcher Molecular Biology 018-4714592 
Henrik Hansson Researcher Molecular Biology  018-4714517 
Stefan Trobro Researcher Molecular Biology 018-4715085 
Miao Wu PhD-student Molecular Biology 018-4714489
Majid Haddad Momeni PhD-student Molecular Biology 018-4714489
Mikael Gudmundsson PhD-student Molecular Biology 018-4714489