Master thesis projects


MicroDrivE offers a series of MSc projects within bio-preservation, enzymatic pre-treatments, ethanol fermentation, bioprocessing of byproducts, biogas production and fertility effects of bioresidues. The projects are supervised by scientists from the Departments of Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Chemistry at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala. The MSc projects are closely linked to questions raised by a number of biotech and bioenergy companies, in cooperation with the researchers in the MicroDrivE programe. The thesis projects are advertised at "exjobbs poolen", To find detailed desciptions use the search function "Fritext" and search for MicroDrive. There are always projects available, and you are also welcome to directly contact any of the researchers within the program to discuss a master thesis project. Listed below are examples of some master thesis projects. 


Examples of master thesis projects:


  1. Biogas residues as fertilizers – effects on plant growth, soil microbiology, and emission of green house gases
  2. Formulation of the alternative ethanol production yeast Dekkera bruxellensis
  3. Structural determination of enzymes important in bio-fuel production
  4. Enzyme mining from biogas sludge - A metaproteome approach.
  5. Pre-treatment of cellulose-rich feedstock used for large-scale production of biogas used as bio-fuel 
  6. Microbial community structure analysis of high ammonia biogas processes
  7. Bio-booze boosting - Improving bio-ethanol fermentation by enzymatic pretreatment 
  8. Testing factors involved in ethanol production from sugar beets
  9. Simultaneous starch saccharification and yeast biomass production
  10. Microbial community profiling and biocontrol of storage pathogens on sugar beets 
  11. New "green" uses of by-products from bio-ethanol production 
  12. Biomedical products from fungi grown on bioethanol by-products